(Video) Streamer N3on outworked by an 11 year old in boxing sparring session

A recent sparring match between viral personality “N3on” and an 11-year-old boxer has captivated social media audiences, showcasing an unexpected turn of events as the youngster decisively outperformed the influencer.

Influencer boxing, despite facing criticism from traditional combat sports enthusiasts, has gained significant traction in recent times, with several events proving to be lucrative ventures. This trend has enticed numerous influencers and content creators, including N3on, to step into the boxing ring.

N3on, also known as Rangesh, is a rising and controversial streamer of Indian-American descent, harboring aspirations not only in influencer boxing but also in competing in the UFC. During a livestream session, N3on voiced his desire to test his skills against fellow influencers in the ring, showcasing his determination to pursue his dreams.

In preparation for his boxing endeavors, N3on embarked on a rigorous training regimen, focusing on strength training at the gym and honing his combat skills, particularly in boxing. With a growing confidence in his abilities, N3on decided to challenge an 11-year-old boxer to gauge his progress.

The outcome of the sparring match surprised many as the young boxer delivered a relentless barrage of punches, overwhelming N3on and shattering his confidence. Despite the kid’s punches lacking significant power, they were precise and effective, leaving N3on struggling to defend himself.

The video clip of their encounter quickly circulated on social media, sparking widespread discussion. Observers noted the evident skill gap between the two fighters, with the kid demonstrating superior boxing prowess. Conversely, criticisms were directed towards N3on, with some suggesting that he may have held back during the match, leading to his confusion and subsequent defeat.

The incident ignited various reactions from online commentators, with some expressing disbelief at N3on’s performance while others defended him, attributing his struggles to a reluctance to harm the young opponent.

Regardless of the interpretations, the sparring match served as a humbling reminder of the importance of skill and experience in combat sports, highlighting the need for continuous improvement and dedication in pursuit of athletic endeavors.