(Video) Stranger than fiction? Calf Kick results in arm injury

A mixed martial artist got finished in a truly strange fashion over the weekend.

Calf kicks are a pretty reliable weapon considering bouts in mixed martial arts start standing. The low kick is versatile and very quick way of attacking.

Those kicks also hit one of the most vulnerable areas on the body. Many mixed martial artists use this technique to pick apart their opponents. It’s pretty rare to see finishes caused by a single calf kick, but this one case is definitely something else.

He ate a clean calf kick but got his arm broken instead.

Marcin Wrzosek aka ‘The Polish Zombie’ took on Piotr Szeliga on February 3. The pair competed within Poland-based MMA promotion Fame MMA, where they were featured on the main card.

Both athletes gave their all as soon as the match started. They tussled mostly on their feet, exchanging punches and kicks with each other. But, entering the second minute, an unfortunate incident happened.

Szeliga delivered a vicious calf kick that landed right on Wrzosek’s left calf. The impact was so strong that Wrzosek’s leg got bounced, making the 35-year-old lose balance and fall. He reflected and used his left hand to touch the canvas while falling, but got his arm broken in the process.

Luckily, Szeliga didn’t follow him to the ground and prevented unnecessary damage. The referee eventually waved his hands, marking the end of the match. Marcin Wrzosek was rendered unable to continue and Szeliga was announced as the victor.

Marcin Wrzosek had to taste a loss after having a three win streak where he faced Vaso Bakočević, Piotr Kałuski, and Mariusz Golling. He has been competing since 2011 and has a total record consisting of 14 wins and 7 losses.

Meanwhile, Piotr Szeliga successfully bounced back after suffering a devastating TKO loss against Norman Parke in May of last year. He is pretty new in mixed martial arts. The 29-year-old made his professional debut in 2020.