(Video) Store clerk uses basic jiu-jitsu to prevent alleged thief

Martial arts have an interesting role in our lives. For many, being involved in them means adding to their self worth, self esteem and a sense of security.

This next video showcases how a store clerk was able to intervene thanks to his background in grappling.

The incident took place in Paraguay and thankfully didn’t have any grave outcome.

In the beginning we can observe the alleged thief pretend to be customer and give the clerk busy work in order to be able to have the element of surprise.

As the clerk is working, the alleged thief comes behind the counter and instigates an altercation.

The person is clearly interested into the cash register.

After a short struggle the clerk is able to grab the head and arm of the alleged thief and use them to control the struggle.

He then manages to break the control the man has on him and walk towards the perp’s back.

At this point he’s able to walk the man out of the cash register area and uses his arms to control him.

The clerk ultimately jumped to his back.

The action continued outside of the store. With a wrestling hold on the neck of the man, clerk was able to control and subdue him at which point they both landed on the gravel.

Thanks to his familiarity with grappling clerk was able to pin the alleged perp down from there. And eventually climbed into back control once again.

Interestingly he used back control to reestablish control and opted for an RNC as his method of finishing the altercation.


Police came quickly and were able to apprehend the guy from there.