(Video) Stone faced Alex Pereira pranked by fan, fooled into cracking a smile

Alex Pereira, renowned for his unwavering game face, has often been compared to the Moai statues of the Easter Islands due to his stoic demeanor. Rather than flashing a smile, Pereira is more likely to deliver a spectacular knockout in the ring, leaving spectators in awe.

Max Caruso, a prominent personality on YouTube and TikTok, attempted to leverage a photo opportunity with Alex Pereira to boost his own online presence.


Approaching Pereira, Caruso decided to showcase his limited Portuguese language skills during their interaction.

Caruso boldly informed the MMA star that he was a virgin, a statement that left Pereira understandably perplexed. Caruso further emphasized his point by suggesting that Pereira lacked romantic experiences.

However, due to Caruso’s poor command of Portuguese, his words likely made little sense to Pereira. The former UFC champ’s confusion was evident, yet he managed to respond with a bright smile, diffusing the awkwardness of the situation.

Later, as Pereira made his way out, Caruso continued to trail him, revealing his desperation for viral content. However, Pereira seemed to grasp Caruso’s intentions this time. Without breaking his stride, Pereira offered a grin to Caruso before proceeding on his path.

Unsurprisingly, MMA fans expressed their disapproval of Caruso’s prank on various social media platforms. As of the time of writing, Caruso’s YouTube video of the prank had garnered less than 2,000 views, suggesting a lackluster response from the audience.

Twitter users were particularly critical of the prank, deeming it unfunny and ill-conceived. One user even went as far as labeling it “possibly the worst video ever posted.”

The consensus among Twitter users was that Caruso’s attempt to communicate with Pereira had resulted in gibberish, likely due to his reliance on online translation tools such as Google Translate. It became evident that Pereira’s confusion during the interaction was justified, given the language barrier and the incoherent message conveyed.

However, it’s worth noting that recent encounters have showcased a different side of Alex Pereira, revealing glimpses of genuine happiness. During a chance meeting with Tyson Fury in Australia, Pereira was asked to smile for a selfie, demonstrating a rare moment of genuine joy. Similarly, when Pereira crossed paths with Israel Adesanya at an Australian airport, their interaction also exuded a positive and lighthearted vibe.

Despite the failed prank attempt, Alex Pereira remains an enigmatic figure, known for his unwavering composure inside and outside the ring. His stoicism continues to captivate fans, who eagerly anticipate his next remarkable display of skill and determination.