(Video) Steve Jobs Joe Rogan interview deep fake stuns audiences

Joe Rogan is UFC’s legend having served as a color commentator (and interviewer) for over two decades. Rogan has created a ton of headlines ever since his high profile move to spotify estimated to be worth over $200M. A deep fake interview featuring Joe Rogan and late Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the internet by storm this week.

Joe Rogan has previously expressed his fears about artificial intelligence. Joe Rogan and physicist Brian Cox discussed Ai and its dangerous implication for society.

“According to Musk, humanity was at the beginning of a bad sci-fi movie.” Rogan explained to Cox after a meeting with Elon Musk.
“Artificial General Intelligence, or AGI, which is more humanlike, was something we are still far away from. He affirmed that at the moment, AIs were expert, focused systems that did particular things. However, one needed to be afraid of them in a limited economic sense, said Cox. Further, these AI systems could replace a lot of middle-class white-collar jobs.” Cox explained to Rogan during their talk.

Now Rogan finds himself as a subject of an AI project.

It is an excellent achievement in modern technology as far as the effort is concerned. The other notable thing the fan reactions.

“The scary thing isn’t that you did this, it’s that this tech is going to be used for very bad things.” One person expressed his thoughts on the interview.

“Scary stuff. Wonder if it’s only a matter of time before this not only becomes as valuable as a real interview would have been, but more valuable than a real interview would have been…” The other commented on the interview.

Fans did not stop there.

“This is absolutely insane. I clicked to listen for a few seconds and could not turn it off through the whole thing. If this was true #AIgenerated, it could change everything.” A fan wrote.

“This is terrifying’’ another got furious on the Twitter.

“AI podcasts are scary. Imagine an AI politics podcast where the generation prompt is “Talking Points” of an extremist group. They dig in to content with emotional value rather than objective truth, so imperfect content will still work as long as it uses the right buzz words.”

You can listen to the entire episode here.