(Video) Step aside powerslap, bareknuckle MMA in a swimming pool is a hot new fad

In the realm of combat sports, where cage matches and car stunts have already made their mark, a new and enigmatic event has emerged—pool combat. This unconventional form of combat promises to captivate enthusiasts and provide a unique platform for their stars.

With intense knockouts and the potential for drownings, pool combat poses its own set of hazards. Just imagine the pride of proclaiming oneself as the pool fighting world champion, a title that carries weight within the community.

Of course, participating in such an event comes with the risk of inhaling water, which is far from enjoyable when you’re already out of breath and struggling to stay afloat. However, for those who thrive on adrenaline and seek unconventional challenges, the allure of pool matches outweighs the potential drawbacks.

One aspect that sets pool combat apart is the thrilling nature of its victories. Rather than relying solely on judges’ decisions or technical knockouts, star can triumph by subjecting their opponents to first-round drownings. The sheer excitement and unpredictability of this outcome make it an exhilarating spectacle.

Back in the old days, matches on a floating log in a river were something akin to this —a nod to the bygone era when such unorthodox contests were the norm. This unique setting not only adds a historical flair but also tests the men’s adaptability in a dynamic environment, demanding a keen sense of balance and strategy.

As pool fighting gains momentum and popularity, it is likely to attract a diverse range of fighters, each bringing their own style and approach to the watery arena. Athletes with a flair for acrobatics and those skilled in close-quarters combat can find a new platform to showcase their talents and entertain audiences with their innovative techniques.

As with any combat sport, safety measures and regulations might pose a real challenge in this scenario. Stringent rules and lifeguard supervision should be implemented to mitigate the risks associated with this type of setting. This way, stars can focus on pushing their limits while minimizing the potential for fatal repercussions.