(Video) Six women brawl in dresses at a horse racing event

During the Spring Racing Carnival in Australia last month, a vicious altercation took place. It involved six ladies and was recorded on camera.

According to Daily Mail, the incident took place along a sidewalk close to Brisbane City Botanic Gardens. It happened some time between October 22 and October 29.

The incident appeared to have begun between two ladies in the video footage confrontend one another. One of them struck the other with a high knee while wearing a red dress and knocked her to the ground.

A third lady entered at that point. She revealed her rear when her crimson dress flew up.

The ladies were attempting to be separated when a guy carrying an umbrella interfered. He attempted to break up the incident, but other ladies joined in, punching and rolling about on the ground.

Several one-on-one altercations broke out at one point in the video. While other ladies were throwing punches in gowns and high heels, two women seem to get entangled in the man’s umbrella. Some of the ladies were walking barefoot while others carried their shoes.

A white-dressed lady can be seen rising and striking another woman on the ground repeatedly while hunched over.

In the video, onlookers can be heard shouting to halt the incident.

A sombrero-clad lady yelled, “Get off of her!”

One of the men can be heard screaming, “Get off her, don’t hit her.”

While still attempting to defuse the situation, the guy with the umbrella was spotted carrying one of the women’s bags. During the incident, a mobile phone and cosmetics were observed lying about on the sidewalk.

According to the Daily Mail, Queensland Police said that they had not been made aware of any claims of a brawl.

Police said that they had not found any incidences of this sort that had been reported thereafter or to which they had been summoned.

The specific cause and whether any injuries were recorded are unknown.