(Video) Siblings resolve their issues the old fashioned way

There are plenty of combat sports champions that train and even compete alongside their brothers. To name a few, there are Nick and Nate Diaz, Leon and Fabian Edwards, GIlbert and Herbert Burns and many more.

There’s a certain level of comfort one has with their sibling – and this is in part due to growing up together and tussling through the years.

Combat sports require a lot of dedication and hard work. Having a brother who trains alongside them can provide champions with the emotional and moral support they need to stay motivated and focused.

Brothers who train together can push each other to become better. This competition can drive them to train harder, develop new techniques, and improve their overall performance.

Brothers who share similar backgrounds, such as growing up in the same household or having similar life experiences, may have similar style. This can make it easier for them to train together and develop complementary strategies that work well in the ring.

But sometimes they even use their skills and familiarity to resolve disputes. This is exactly what happened with the two rancher brothers that recently went viral.

.The two could be seen scrapping at a horse ranch in a clip uploaded to social media. The clip has been viewed millions of times in just a couple of short days.

The two are clearly deadset on resolving the dispute and taking out all the negative energy. Both seem to know the boundaries they shouldn’t cross in this kind of interaction. They also showcase the importance of both good wrestling and good jiu-jitsu because both are integral to these unscripted real life scenarios.

We can see how wrestling plays a major role and how they’ve likely even trained some.