(Video) Shopkeeper fends off multiple perps thanks to martial arts

Learning mixed martial arts is a worthwhile endeavor that offers you a number of mental and physical advantages.

Mixed Martial arts encompass a number of skill not limited to just grappling or just striking. As such training at an MMA club is possibly one of the most comprehensive self-defense methods in the world.

No matter where you find yourself in a self-defense situation, it teaches you how to protect yourself adequately. Recently a video showed a shopkeeper from France who was able to successfully defend himself against alleged perps started circulating online.

The video was recorded on the security camera set up on the front door of his shop. Alleged perps appear to have come to steal some things from the shop but failed in their attempt.

The man had his keys in his hand and was about to open the shop when they arrived. They outnumbered him and tried to restrain him. They pushed him to the wall in an attempt to gain access to the shop. But, the man utilized a common grip break and broke free.

Perps tried to hold him firmly in order to control him but could not do so. The man attacked them using his hands.

In the end, they had no other option but to run away. He continuously shouted during the whole incident. Finally, he successfully saved himself and the shop from their evil intentions.

Everyone should consider picking up a martial arts because they help in situations like this. In martial arts, you must react to opponents while juggling other issues.

When pressure sets in and your intellectual function begins to decline, you learn how to make wise decisions. It is necessary to develop the ability to observe your opponent’s small gestures and facial expressions in order to predict their next move.

The person in the video had a strong mind and good thinking ability, reflected in his quick decision-making. Otherwise, there was no chance for him to fend off the three guys single-handedly. Hence, to achieve mental and physical toughness, you must learn martial arts lessons.