(Video) Shirtless man punches another plane passenger in a conflict ‘over a seat’

A surprising act of violence has gone viral on Twitter. The video showed a shirtless man punching a fellow plane passenger over a seating dispute.

The video was shot aboard a Boeing 777 being flown by Bangladesh’s main airline, Biman Bangladesh Airline. It was first shared on Twitter two weeks ago. The frightening video shows a guy standing over a passenger in an exit row.


The shirtless tourist begins punching the sitting guy in the head when the two start to scuffle. Other passengers ultimately restrained him, although it’s not known whether he was arrested or not.

According to Jam Press, the argument was over a seat allotment. The viral video’s background music suggests that the plane was still on the runway when the unpleasant incident occurred.

Jam Press reported that one video of the event received 120,000 Twitter views. After seeing the video, one commentator wrote, “He’s simply begging for his clothing back.”

As tourists resume flying after the COVID-19 outbreak, airline travel seems to have become more disorderly. Several news stories on antisocial aircraft behaviour have already surfaced this year.

A “drunk Karen” was kicked off an aircraft in Australia earlier this week. Last week, a rowdy passenger attempted to “choke out” a flight attendant, forcing an Air Canada aircraft to make an emergency landing in Hawaii.

The Post reported on January 6 that two passengers had been removed from one of AirAsia’s aircraft after being seen cursing at the airline staff.