(Video) Self Proclaimed ‘King Of Suburbs’ Gets Melted By Asian man

Sadly altercations happen in the public all the time. This time  the street fight happened at Denny’s parking lot.

And for all of the spectators the place turned into a fighting arena for a short time. The parking lot is definitely a fan favorite place to start a street fight, especially at night. Not only is it big, but it’s also typically deserted resulting in smaller chances of getting apprehended by the police.

In the video, it can be seen that the three people involved in this street fight are young men. Sadly, there is no context of what happened before the fight started as the video already shows the fight as soon as it began. We can only assume that this is either a gangster wannabe fight or a college student fight.

The fight was recorded using a cellphone camera by one of the people gathering in that parking lot. The video starts and we can see an Asian guy who clearly has some experience in fighting, facing off against a guy wearing a red shirt. At first, the two were just staring at each other and hadn’t delivered any attacks yet.

A friend of the guy in red appears, trying to back him up. At this moment the the guy in red attacked the Asian man. He ran fast towards the Asian and tried to push him. However, the Asian managed to land a punch, and the guy in red fell. He got up only to get hit in the same spot by the same move. This time he was knocked out – unconscious.

His friend then tried to fight the Asian guy. Unfortunately, the video stopped before their fight finished. We can only see a little bit of their fight right before the video ends.