(Video) Self defense gone right – smaller man floors instigator after failing to verbally defuse the altercation

The importance of good self defense cannot be overstated. Day in and out, a new case will emerge where someone is forced to stand up for himself (or herself) and endure an altercation.

While some citizens play vigilantes more often than note the confrontations are two sided. In this next video that recently went viral in Asia, a much larger man can be seen crowding the smaller man.

In addition to this, the larger man is backing up the smaller man and repeatedly making a choking gesture towards his throat. These gestures all irk the smaller man who initially tries to evaluate the situation and defuse the altercation without it getting physical but to no avail.

The larger man first executes a judo footsweep flooring the smaller man – and showing that he too has a martial arts background. The smaller man seems taken by surprise.

He quickly gets back to feet and here he shows a good case for head movement. The altercation becomes a striking exchange at this point. It’s clear that the smaller man has the striking advantage and soon his assailant is backing up as he tries to land a high kick.

However an ambitious kick, landed at a taller opponent floors him and compromises the outcome of the brawl. At this point the larger man was capable of ending the bout but instead threw a kick and missed.

Smaller man got up once again, visibly reigned his composure. He ended up grabbing on a leg during a failed attempt to kick. He then used the closeness to land a huge blow to his opponent’s chin and floor him.

At this point he all but ended the conflict landing a kick to his grounded opponent’s chin. His opponent was visibly medically distressed and having some sort of seizure.

It’s unknown where the conflict happened or just how it was resolved but we do hope that either of them came out unscathed.