(Video) Security Lands Rampage Jackson-style Slam On Unruly Man

Being a bouncer has never been an easy job. The risks are high and most of the time – it’s not worth the pay. Often time being a bouncer means handling people under influence of alcohol and or other substances. Martial arts skills are pretty much a job requirement – as is being of a certain size.

One of those times is probably featured right here on this video. A guy can be seen picking a fight with the bouncer. The bouncer seems to have martial art training so he’s able to defend himself and defuse the situation with relative ease.

It is still unclear what led to this clash or who’s confronted who first as the video starts when the two have already started scuffling.

The bouncer realizing physical contact is inevitable throws a leg kick to start the clash – that wobbled the patron. He then proceeds to grab the guy and  get into a clinch indicating that the bouncer has some sort of experience in the world of martial arts.

Since the patron didn’t want to end the clash the easy way, the bouncer opts to pick him up and slams him Rampage Jackson-style on the pavement, effectively ending the night and leaving the patron with a gruesome headache in the morning.