(Video) Security guard saves baby from choking in Los Angeles

In a remarkable display of quick thinking and heroism, two security guards working at a gas station in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, are being hailed for their life-saving actions. Niko Nesbeth, a Marine veteran, and his partner Joey Madrigal, were on duty at the 76 gas station located at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Crescent Drive on the morning of May 26 when an emergency unfolded.

A distressed individual rushed into the station, urgently seeking water to aid an infant who was choking. The person explained that the baby’s mother was in dire need of assistance. Surveillance camera footage captured the panic-stricken mother desperately shouting for a doctor.

Nesbeth swiftly sprang into action, rushing outside to provide immediate aid, while Madrigal promptly called for medical assistance. The distraught mother handed her choking child to Nesbeth, collapsing on the floor overcome with emotions. Nesbeth tapped the baby’s back to help restore its breathing, and within moments, the infant’s condition began to stabilize.

Witnesses at the gas station, including attendant Jose Peraza, were moved by the incident. Peraza recounted the mother’s devastation and expressed gratitude for the security guards’ intervention. He described how his partner instructed Nesbeth to gently strike the baby’s back, a technique commonly used in such situations.

Nesbeth, realizing the gravity of the situation, shared his perspective, stating, “The mother already throws the baby into my arms. I notice looking at the baby’s face, the baby was turning blue. I could tell his colors were changing, so I knew he was choking and wasn’t getting air.”

Madrigal, who recently joined the private security company Covered 6, which provides tactical training alongside security services, emphasized the importance of obtaining professional medical help promptly. He reflected on the critical role he played in coordinating the rescue efforts, relying on his training to gather crucial information and expedite the arrival of medical professionals.

Both security guards acknowledged the significance of being in the right place at the right time. Nesbeth referred to their presence as “divine intervention.” The incident ended with the baby unharmed, bringing immense relief to all involved.

Covered 6 security, the private security company employing Nesbeth and Madrigal, has been working in partnership with the Beverly Hills Police Department since December 2021. As crime rates surged across Los Angeles, private security forces became a familiar sight in Beverly Hills. The spike in crime followed widespread looting during Black Lives Matter protests on Rodeo Drive in the summer of 2020, which resulted in damage to high-end stores.

Recently, a homeless camp adjacent to Beverly Hills raised concerns among residents due to drug use and related issues. However, the focus remains on the actions of Nesbeth and Madrigal, who exemplified courage and selflessness in the face of an emergency, saving a precious life in the process.

The Beverly Hills community and beyond have been touched by the bravery of these security guards. Their unwavering dedication to the well-being of others serves as a reminder that heroes can be found in unexpected places, ready to make a difference when it matters most.