(Video) Sean Strickland invites fan to training and smashes him

UFC middleweight contender Sean Strickland recently made headlines when he engaged in a spirited sparring session with a passionate mixed martial arts fan at his gym, Xtreme Couture.

In a video shared on Instagram, Strickland introduced the fan, known as ‘Johnny,’ and asked him about the desired intensity for their sparring session.

Johnny humorously suggested “69 percent,” to which Strickland playfully rounded it off to “an even 70.” What followed was an impressive display of skill as Strickland unleashed a barrage of strikes, ultimately flooring the fan.

Fans eagerly shared their reactions to the intense sparring session, highlighting Strickland’s ability to handle any form of aggression directed at him. One fan sympathetically commented, “Can’t take any abuse 😢,” while another playfully quipped, “Sean is legit 549-0 in sparring.” There were also light-hearted remarks praising Strickland’s choice to keep the intensity in check.

The sarcastic praise continued as fans commended Johnny for his bravery in facing Strickland, stating, “Nice one Johnny. Nice one D’Sean,” and “The fighter of the people.” Some fans even expressed their interest in sparring with Strickland themselves, eagerly asking, “Sean, can we spar?” and “Can I be next, Sean? Please.”

In a separate development, Sean Strickland took to Twitter to express his support for Elon Musk in his hypothetical showdown against Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. As rumors of a potential cage match between the two tech moguls circulated, Strickland openly criticized Zuckerberg, referring to him as a “dirty communist” and taking a swipe at his platform’s alleged disinformation censorship. Strickland extended an invitation to Musk, urging him to come to Las Vegas for training.

In a tweet, Strickland stated, “Man f**k Mark Zuckerberg… Dirty communist… No one wants your goggles and your disinformation censorship but… Facebook market gets a pass… @elonmusk come to Vegas. We will put in work!”

The tweet garnered attention as fans and followers joined the conversation, supporting Strickland’s sentiment and expressing their desire to witness a potential matchup between Musk and Zuckerberg. Strickland’s vocal support for Musk and his willingness to train him only added fuel to the speculation surrounding this unusual feud between tech giants.

As the world of combat sports and technology collide, Sean Strickland continues to captivate fans both inside and outside the Octagon with his intense sparring sessions and unfiltered opinions. Whether it’s inside the gym or on social media, Strickland’s bold personality shines through, making him a compelling figure in the MMA community.