(Video) Sean Strickland falls for hilarious prank: ‘Does that mean Pereira f***ed you?’

Sean Strickland distinguished himself at Middleweight by being outspoken and brazen. Day in and out, Strickland provides a variety of sinister takes on a wide range of controversial topics from inapropriate relationships between coaches and UFC female stars to trans participation in sports.

But it’s not every day someone manages to get the best of Strickland.

The interviewer appeared to have a very good memory and caught Strickland off guard in a recent exchange.

Sean Strickland is once again under fire for his recent comments on fat shaming. Strickland, who is famous for his no-holds-barred attitude, shared his take on the subject during an interview with popular content creator Nina Daniele.

In his trademark blunt style, Strickland presented a refreshingly unconventional perspective on the issue of fat shaming, citing societal norms and expectations that put too much emphasis on physical appearance.

“I think fat shaming is always okay. There’s nothing worse than being next to a fat smelly motherf*cker and the most human thing you could do is, telling a fat smelly motherf*cker to put down the fork. You know if you can’t see your d*ck, boy you’re a little bit too fat.”

He went on to make a series of NSFW remarks that some may find amusing, while others may find highly offensive.

The Californian’s comments have drawn a lot of criticism from fans and fellow UFC stars alike. Many have expressed their outrage on social media, calling out Strickland for his insensitivity and lack of empathy towards overweight individuals.

Brendan Allen, a rising middleweight contender, was quick to seize the opportunity to call out Strickland, following the cancellation of his scheduled bout with Jack Hermansson due to injury. Allen wasted no time in expressing his desire for a rematch with the controversial figure, confident that fans would be eager to see them go head-to-head once again.