(Video) Sean O’Malley test kicking skills on stunt loving youtuber

Sean O’Malley, the charismatic UFC bantamweight champion known for his dynamic fighting style and vibrant personality, recently had a playful interaction with famous Youtuber Vitaly on his podcast. The duo delved into various topics, including Vitaly’s career as a content creator and their shared interest in mixed martial arts.

In a lighthearted moment, O’Malley and Vitaly decided to add a humorous twist to their collaboration. A short clip from the podcast shows Vitaly donning a body pad, preparing for an unconventional stunt. O’Malley, known for his flashy techniques inside the octagon, stood poised to deliver a kick.

As the anticipation built, O’Malley asked Vitaly if he was ready, to which the Youtuber responded affirmatively. O’Malley then executed a spinning wheel kick that landed on the body pad worn by Vitaly. The comedic effect ensued as a brownish-red liquid, simulating blood, spurted out from Vitaly’s back, creating a visually amusing scene that left both participants and viewers in stitches.

Vitaly’s humorous reaction, coupled with O’Malley’s panicked expression, added to the comedic charm of the skit. The fake blood, clearly part of the pre-planned stunt, contributed to the overall hilarity of the content.

The video quickly went viral on social media platforms, with fans sharing the amusing clip and adding their own playful comments. Some fans sarcastically remarked, “Haters will say it’s fake,” while others speculated in a light-hearted manner about behind-the-scenes scenarios.

The collaboration showcased O’Malley’s ability to bring entertainment beyond the UFC arena, engaging with a broader audience through social media collaborations and creative content.