(Video) Sean O’Malley becomes generous gas station worker in prank video

UFC bantamweight Sean O’Malley is known for his ability to market himself to the mainstream audience. It’s proven by the number of his cult-like fans despite the face that ‘Suga Sean’ wasn’t even in the Bantamweight Top 10.

This time, the No.12-ranked bantamweight is swapping his 4 oz gloves for a cash register in  a YouTube prank video.

Collaborating with ThatWasEpic, a YouTuber with 6.7 million subscribers, O’Malley featured in a video titled “Everything is free in this gas station”.


In the video, the Montana native can be seen handing out $100 vouchers, full tanks of gas, and other items for free. He played the role of Shell worker alongside Juan Carlos Gonzalez, the man behind the YouTube channel.

Both stars play along with the scenario that this is their last day at the job and they don’t care about it anymore. They also mentioned in some scenes that they hate the boss so they’ll ruin his business.

Besides giving out free gift cards and gas, they also smoke a bong while serving a customer and handing out free beers.

At the end of the video, the pair showed the lucky customers that they are featured in ThatWasEpic’s video. They also revealed that the beer is alcohol-free, but the gift cards and money are real. One of them even admitted that she wants to hug O’Malley for the gifts.

This is not the first time O’Malley collaborating with Gonzalez for a YouTube prank video. Back in October, they are featured in a YouTube video titled “Picking Up Girls With Suga Sean O’Malley”.

Similar to the gas station prank, this one has some scenarios on it. In one scenario, the two played a student in a rush buying people’s unfinished meals for hundreds of dollars. While in another scenario, they hit up girls with their own styles.

With the “casual-friendly” approach and iconic styles both inside and outside of the octagon, no wonder that O’Malley’s fanbase keeps on growing day-by-day.