(Video) Scuffle leaves Brook Lopez bruised during NBA match

Milwaukee Bucks’ star center, Brook Lopez, was involved in an on-court scrap during a game against the Sacramento Kings, which resulted in him sustaining an eye injury. The incident occurred when Trey Lyles, a player from the opposing team, delivered a hard foul on Giannis Antetokounmpo, which led to a heated exchange between Lyles and Lopez.

With just 16 seconds left on the clock, Lyles and Lopez got into a heated argument and began grabbing at each other’s head and neck area. Lyles then escalated the situation by slapping Lopez in the face, prompting players from both teams to intervene and separate the two. During the commotion, the group collided with the announcing table on the sideline.

Lopez, who played an instrumental role in Milwaukee’s 133-124 victory, remained fired up even after walking towards the bench to receive treatment for his eye injury. Both players were subsequently ejected from the game.

Lyles left the court in a nonchalant manner, while Lopez required medical attention for the cut next to his eye. Despite the injury, Lopez played an impressive 37 minutes and managed to score 23 points, along with eight rebounds and four assists.

On the other hand, Lyles only played for 26 minutes and contributed six points, seven rebounds, and four assists. The Bucks currently hold the top position in the Eastern Conference, with a record of 48-19, while the Kings are placed third in the Western Conference, with a record of 40-26.