(Video) Ryan Spann knocks out Dominick Reyes out cold with a single punch

Dominick Reyes went into UFC 281 on a 3 bout losing spree.

After a decision loss against Jon Jones in February of 2020, Reyes never really recovered. He ended up losing consecutive bouts to Jan Blachowicz, Jiri Procazhka and now Ryan Spann.

While many believed Reyes had a decent chance against Jones and lost a semi-questionable decision there’s no question about who won tonight.

Reyes also had an interesting performance against the new champion Jiri Prochazka. Prochazka, many believe, was knocked out on the ground mid bout. However Reyes hadn’t noticed in time, giving Jiri enough time to recover and go on to land that memorable spinning back elbow for the win.

Reyes once again fumbled tonight. Ryan Spann made quick work of the former title contender.

  Spann caught Reyes twice early on in round 1 and even tried to surprise him with a guillotine when Reyes’ knees hit the mat, but Reyes escaped.

But Reyes made a rookie mistake and kept charging after getting clipped and was subsequently rendered unconscious.

When all was said and done Spann explained:

“I trained, I literally trained,”
“I’ve never trained for a fight before. [I never trained] nothing over three weeks. Damn, I look good.”

“I just came in here to flow and be free. I did everything the right way. I want to apologize to Dom for missing weight. I needed this to happen the way it happened. We’re back at the gym Monday.”

Spann is now 3-1 in his last four with his only loss coming to Anthony Smith in 2021.