(Video) Ryan Garcia tears up on instagram live despite social media hiatus

Ryan Garcia became emotional and teared up during an Instagram live session on Tuesday, despite recently announcing he was taking a break from social media to fully focus on his upcoming event against Devin Haney.

The lightweight star was overcome with emotion as he expressed his love for God and appreciation for his fans’ support. Through tears, Garcia shared how he has been going through a difficult period lately and feels hurt because he has tried his hardest to spread love and help kids, only to face criticism and attempts to “cancel” him.

“I was just trying to do something good, you know? And I put everything on the line. And they judge me hard, but I kept going,” Garcia said, his voice cracking with emotion. “People say that I cried and whatnot, and they think it’s a problem – come see me…I just want to say, you know, I love you guys and I appreciate every one of you.”

Garcia’s emotional outpouring seemed at odds with his recent announcement that he was stepping away from social media in the final weeks leading up to his April 20th showdown against WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney. The 24-year-old had stated he needed to avoid distractions and fully concentrate on his preparations for the biggest bout of his career.

However, the leaked sparring footage that emerged on the same day, showing Garcia lighting up his sparring partners with blistering speed and power, hints that he may be simply riding an emotional rollercoaster as the high-stakes bout draws near. His trainer and team have undoubtedly counseled him to avoid negative outside influences during this critical training camp.

Whether Tuesday’s tear-filled Instagram live was a momentary lapse or points to underlying issues, it has added an intriguing layer of drama to Garcia’s upcoming pay-per-view showdown against Haney. All eyes will be on the young star’s mental state as he attempts to realize his dream of becoming world champion against one of boxing’s most skilled technicians.