(Video) Restaurant employee takes on randy customer and knocks him down with one punch

Everyone’s feeling the stress of the impending holidays and none more so than those working at restaurants and shops.

The pressure is on – and occasionally they even have to physically intervene. One such case took place recently at a coffee shop.

The staff can be seen trying to greet an unhappy customer and trying to placate him. That is until the third member of the staff arrives. At this point the incident gets physical.

The staff member is immediately seen grabbing the customer’s shirt in the footage. Customer is dismayed and not eager to be physically confronted.

He snatches his arm back, and seeing the size discrepancy quickly puts his chest out and starts yelling and walking toward the member of the staff that dared put hands on him.

The staff member clearly has some striking training under the belt and is posturing up. The wife of the disgruntled man then tries to strike the staff member and gets rebuffed.

This sets of the disgruntled man into instigating conflict.

He charges at the staff member who pushed her hand away at which point he gets floored with a single punch.

While this type of interaction is fun to watch, it’s inevitable to consider real life circumstances an altercation like this might have. This is why many experts prefer jiu-jitsu to any striking art when it comes to real life.

Being able to disable your opponent without the chance of causing accidental harm limits your liability because human life is very unpredictable, there are no rules as to what constitutes a concussion for an individual. There’s no perfect placement, power level, any single punch could be fatal under wrong circumstances.