(Video) Remarkable spinning back fist KO wins KO of the week award

In a recent mixed martial arts showdown, a jaw-dropping moment unfolded as an athlete executed a spinning back fist, rendering his opponent unconscious just a split second before the final bell.

Hazard Fight Night, a Ukraine-based MMA promotion, hosted its highly anticipated event, Hazard Fight Night 2, on September 9th in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. This event showcased a series of thrilling matchups featuring both seasoned and emerging fighters.

While the entire event was a feast for combat sports enthusiasts, one particular bout stole the spotlight—Oleksiy Bondarenko versus Andrey Sapa, a bantamweight clash featured on the main card.

From the opening bell, Bondarenko and Sapa displayed unwavering determination, engaging in an intense battle. They exchanged punishing strikes and ventured into fierce grappling exchanges, leaving spectators anticipating a prolonged contest. However, the bout held a shocking twist as the first round neared its conclusion.

As the two fighters clinched beside the cage, Bondarenko made a daring move. In the waning seconds of the round, he unleashed a devastating spinning back fist. His clenched fist landed squarely on Sapa’s face, causing an instant knockout.

This remarkable knockout occurred precisely as the bell rang, leaving everyone in the arena momentarily perplexed. There was uncertainty about whether the referee would count it as a valid knockout. After assessing Sapa, who lay unconscious on the canvas, the referee made the decisive gesture of waving his hands, signaling the end of the contest.

Bondarenko’s jubilation was evident as he celebrated his unexpected victory with exuberance. It was a moment that defied belief. With this triumph, the 27-year-old fighter improved his professional record to 6 wins and 5 losses.

For Andrey Sapa, it was a return to the drawing board after this setback. The 30-year-old fighter faced adversity early in his professional career, beginning with a challenging 1-4 record following his debut in 2016. However, Sapa displayed resilience and resilience, stringing together an impressive streak of 5 consecutive victories before this recent loss brought it to an end.