(Video) Ref starts round while ring girl is still inside the cage

In a recent mixed martial arts match, a referee made a hilarious blunder by starting the bout while the ring girl was still inside the cage.

Similar to boxing, mixed martial arts matches are divided into multiple rounds. Between these rounds, martial artists return to their corners to rest and receive treatment for injuries, allowing them and their cornermen to strategize and pace themselves throughout the match.

Before the start of each round, a ring girl typically walks around the cage, holding up a round card displaying the next round number. Afterward, they exit the cage, and the door is locked before the referee can start the round.

However, in a recent MMA event called CAM 20 hosted by Argentina-based promotion Circuito Argentino de MMA, the referee mistakenly started the match while the ring girl was still inside the cage. The amusing incident occurred on July 15 in Buenos Aires.

The video of the incident quickly spread on social media, gaining viral attention. The ring girl continued to carry the round card while the referee signaled the start of the match. Oblivious to her presence, the men charged at each other and began grappling.

Attempting to remain composed, the ring girl headed toward the exit while still holding up the round card. Only then did the referee realize his mistake of initiating the match too soon. He promptly halted the action and instructed the athletes to return to their corners.

An awkward silence enveloped the venue as everyone waited for the staff to lock the cage and ensure that no one else was inside except for the referee and the two competitors.

The humorous blunder serves as a comical reminder of the unexpected moments that can unfold in live sports events.