(Video) Ref saves Fedor’s brother from getting KOed by influencer – a fix is in?

A recent mixed martial arts bout featuring Aleksander Emelianenko, the brother of heavyweight legend Fedor Emelianenko, has left fans across the globe questioning the integrity of the card.

Taking place at the REN TV Series in Moscow, Russia, Emelianenko faced off against vlogger Evgeny Ershov in a suspect heavyweight clash.

However, it was an unexpected turn of events in the second round that sparked controversy and accusations of a fix.

As the rounds progressed, Emelianenko found himself in a precarious position against the fence, with Ershov launching a relentless barrage of strikes. With just over a minute remaining in the round, Emelianenko opted to cover up and seemingly gave up. Surprisingly, the referee swiftly intervened, signaling an end to the action. However, Ershov refused to accept the decision, waving off the finish and encouraging Emelianenko to continue the battle.

In a puzzling sequence of events, moments later, Ershov landed a takedown but left himself vulnerable to Emelianenko, who capitalized on the opportunity and secured an uncontested kimura submission.

This victory appeared dubious to fans, who quickly took to social media to voice their skepticism about the legitimacy of the event.

Many observers believe that the unexpected turn of events was orchestrated, casting doubt on the integrity of the sport. As the video clip of the incident circulated online, fans expressed their disbelief at what they perceived as a prearranged scenario.

While Aleksander Emelianenko shares a famous last name with his brother Fedor, his career in mixed martial arts has been far from illustrious. Unlike his esteemed sibling, Aleksander has struggled to make a significant impact since his debut in 2003.

Despite leveraging Fedor’s fame, Emelianenko failed to earn the same level of respect and recognition. Critics often cited his lack of skill as a key factor in his underwhelming performances.


Interestingly, the event also introduced another Emelianenko brother to the MMA world. Ivan Emelianenko, the youngest of the trio, made his memorable debut on the same night, securing a victory over Alexei Ledenev via unanimous decision.