(Video) Ref forced to halt action after cameraman gets trapped in MMA cage

In a recent MMA spectacle hosted by Russia’s Open Fighting Championship (Open FC 36), an unexpected and comical twist unfolded as a cameraman found himself inadvertently trapped inside the cage, leading to an abrupt pause in the match.

While mixed martial arts events often showcase intense battles and thrilling moments, this particular incident brought attention to the lighter side of the sport. Open FC 36, held on November 23 in St. Petersburg, Russia, featured a lineup of compelling matchups, blending emerging talents with seasoned athletes.

Traditionally, before a match begins, the announcer provides event details and introduces the competing athletes. This pre-match session allows various individuals, including the announcer, cornermen, coaches, ring girls, and multiple cameramen, to enter the cage and capture essential moments. However, a peculiar oversight disrupted the norm during a specific bout at Open FC 36.

Following the announcer’s remarks, everyone exited the cage as customary. However, one cameraman failed to heed the departure, unintentionally remaining inside and continuing to record the athletes.

Remarkably, neither the referee nor the two athletes noticed the lingering cameraman. The audience outside the cage, engrossed in the unfolding bout, also failed to alert the cameraman to his oversight. Oblivious to his unusual situation, the referee initiated the match with a signal, accompanied by a loud horn.

Startled by the sudden sound, the cameraman belatedly realized his error and, uncertain of the appropriate course of action, positioned himself as far away as possible from the grappling athletes. Several seconds passed before the referee acknowledged the trapped cameraman, prompting a pause in the match. Instructing the athletes to maintain their positions, with one already securing a tight guillotine choke, the visibly displeased referee reprimanded the cameraman and instructed him to exit the cage. The amusing incident swiftly became a viral sensation on social media.