(Video) Real life conflict gets resolved with a standing submission

Real life conflicts are fascinating to watch even for those who aren’t fans of mixed martial arts. There’s something very exciting and unpredictable about watching a spontaneous situation unfold.

This kind of thing is what many fringe MMA promotions like King of the streets and Street-beefs try to capture but it’s not exactly the same.

In part, because there’s something very authentic about a conflicting situation that just keeps escalating.

Recently a video that captures this conundrum went viral. In the video we can observe a female berating a male wearing a back pack until another male intervenes and starts throwing loaded punches.

The gentleman that was berated quickly recovers from the sucker-punch and charges at his opponent who ends up grounded.

There we can see that he’s not exactly unfamiliar with martial arts. The man is going for some sort of a leg entanglement.

Leg entanglements are particularly awkward in unregulated scenarios due to the fact that wearing shoes means your knees are more easy to compromise than say with a heel hook attempt in the cage.

Sadly, his leg entanglement strategy seems opportune yet unsuccessful and the two reset back to standing position.

Here the attacked party snatches the opportunity and achieves back control.  Despite the fact he has no hooks in, he is successful in subduing his opponent with an RNC submission.

But despite the fact that he’s successful in executing the submission and renders his opponent unconscious he’s not letting go.

This here is the real danger that comes with BJJ. Leaving the brain deprived of oxygen can create a real issue and lasting consequences though it’s arguably the preferred outcome to a concussion.

It’s commonly known in BJJ that in order to execute a standing RNC, you must control the hips which is why some BJJ experts including Demian Maia and Charles Oliveira still mount the backs of their opponents but admittedly if you’re not facing a specialist a lot can fly.