(Video) Rare double upkick knocks out opponent

In the realm of combat sports, some moments seem so surreal that they could be mistaken for scripted scenes from a blockbuster film. Imagine a knockout so extraordinary that it surpasses the boundaries of reality, making even the most cinematic action sequences appear mundane.

At Black Combat 10 in Seoul, South Korea, combat sports fans witnessed a truly exceptional knockout that defied expectations. Sung Woong Kim (6-4) orchestrated a one-of-a-kind spectacle. He delivered not just one but two consecutive upkicks to his opponent’s head, leaving everyone in awe.


The extraordinary sequence began with Kim strategically employing an armbar threat. By enticing his opponent Takahiro Komakine (14-5) into submission defence, Kim created the perfect setup for his breathtaking performance.

With Komakine now focused on defending against the armbar, Kim seized the opportunity and unleashed a series of devastating kicks. The 6-12 kick combo left the audience surprised, showcasing Kim’s precision and skill.

Komakine could have been knocked out by the first kick alone, but the second one certainly sealed the deal. With his arms up in the fencing posture, Komakine leapt backwards.


While Sung Woong Kim undoubtedly stole the spotlight with his remarkable knockout, it’s crucial to acknowledge other key figures who played pivotal roles in this unforgettable moment.

Firstly, the referee should be applauded for a swift and decisive save. In the chaos of the knockout, the referee’s quick response prevented potential harm to Komakine. Often overlooked, referees play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of a combatant. Therefore, their efforts deserve recognition.

The Black Combat 10 event in Seoul delivered more than just a knockout; it presented a spectacle that will be etched in the memories of combat sports enthusiasts. Sung Woong Kim’s exceptional performance coupled with the referee’s immediate reaction made this knockout a moment that transcends the boundaries of ordinary combat sports.