(Video) Rappers get into all out brawl during No Jumper podcast interview

An interesting scene took place recently during the filming of Adam 22’s No Jumper podcast. No Jumper podcast is quite popular and frequently tops podcast charts.

He recently invited rappers Suspect and Lil Kelpy to discuss their past. The conversation had a slow start with Kelpy discussing his life prior to fame.

While the conversation appeared to have a slow start the atmosphere was charged up from the get go with one rapper questioning how famous his counterpart was.

Things spiraled out of control after the two traded verbal slurs and insults. Suspect stood up, obviously mad for being called a b**ch multiple times and threw a punch at Kelpy.

Assailant also spit on his opponent and charged at him to the surprise of the host.

The host was initially reluctant to get in between the two despite his size. He ultimately had to get involved and seem to grab on the assailant from the back and attempt to move him away from the other rapper.

Lil Kelpy has gained another level of notoriety in social media after the interview.

It’s common to have heated arguments on No Jumper but it rarely escalates to physical confrontations. The video of the podcast lasted just over 9 minutes but still garnered over 2 million views on youtube in a day.