(Video) Rampage Jackson sparks speculation coach gave him PEDs during viral exchange on a podcast

UFC veteran Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has stirred speculation after a recent podcast appearance where he seemingly made a revealing statement about his past use of PEDs.

During the podcast hosted by Bradley Martyn, Jackson responded to a question about supplements during his active MMA days, initially stating he wasn’t taking any. However, he quickly corrected himself, claiming his coach had him on a “bunch of supplements.”

In a moment that caught the attention of social media, Jackson’s slip of the tongue raised eyebrows, with some interpreting it as a Freudian slip where he unintentionally admitted to using PEDs.

While there is no concrete evidence of Jackson’s past PED use, fans seized on the comment, sparking discussions about the prevalence of performance-enhancing substances in combat sports.

It’s also worth mentioning Rampage Jackson doesn’t believe TRT equals using PEDs and has blamed Chael Sonnen for ruining it for others previously. UFC fmaously allowed for therapeutic use exemption for TRT for a while until Sonnen sparked a revolution coming in with testosterone levels way beyond normal.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion clarified his statement, emphasizing the use of supplements rather than PEDs. Nevertheless, the clip circulated widely, prompting varied reactions from fans. Some viewed it as a potential admission, while others considered it a verbal misstep.

Jackson, who hasn’t officially retired and has expressed interest in returning to face old rivals such as Wanderlei Silva and Darrill Schoonover, has previously acknowledged using Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

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