(Video) Rampage Jackson and Bob Sapp victorious in Siamese boxing event, ref gets involved

The entertaining Siamese Twins Boxing Championship drew attention from both enthusiasts and casual spectators alike. ‘Rampage’ Jackson and Bob Sapp’s participation in the event only added to its appeal, as the two legends of the sport showed their prowess and dominated their opponents.

Former UFC light heavyweight champion, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, made a triumphant return to the combat sports world. He was paired with old-school legend, Bob Sapp.

The duo dubbed themselves Twopollo RamSapp Creed and faced off against Sloppy ‘The Irish’ Balboa, which was composed of Jon Nutt, the head honcho of the promotion, and Bangtao coach Woody.

Early on, ‘Rampage’ and Sapp dominated the bout, overwhelming their opponents with little offense in return. After just over a minute, Nutt went down and received a standing eight-count. Despite being hit with multiple clean shots from Jackson, Nutt managed to stay on his feet until the end of the round.

The second round took an odd turn as ‘Rampage’ and Sapp began striking the referee as he attempted to separate the duos. In the third round, Nutt went down once again after being overwhelmed by the PRIDE duo, and the referee called for a stoppage.

Although it was evident that everyone was having fun, one cannot help but wonder if ‘Rampage’ and Sapp will defend their Siamese Twins Boxing Championship title in the future.

Official Result: Twopollo RamSapp Creed (Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and Bob Sapp) def. Sloppy ‘The Irish’ Balboa (Jon Nutt and Woody) via TKO in Round 3.

Siamese Twins Boxing Championship Highlights: ‘Rampage’ Jackson and Bob Sapp vs. Jon Nutt and Woody at Fight Circus 6 Below

The unusual format of the bout and the participation of some of the sport’s biggest names ensured that it was an event that could not be missed.