(Video) Ramirez scores highlight reel upkick knock out

Famous Chinese general Sun Tzu once said “Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected” many years ago.

And apparently, that is still relevant thousands of years later.

The 0-2 fighter Ricardo Ramirez was fighting an unbeaten prospect Jose Mercado on a Combate Global card on Friday. On paper, Ramirez was only a stepping stone for the upcoming flyweight fighter Mercado.

The Mexican, Ramirez never tasted victory before, losing both of his pro fights and one amateur fight prior to this one. Meanwhile, his opponent Mercado was winning all of his pro fights while only getting beaten once in an amateur match, by way of split decision.

Three minutes into the first round, Ramirez found himself on his back while Mercado was controlling him from the full mount. But Ramirez persevered and still tried to escape from the position.

Attempting to get back to the top position, Mercado then tried to land ground and pound first to pummel his opponent. In order to do that, he tried to strike from various positions.

However, Ramirez apparently saw a split-second gap in Mercado’s defense. He then threw an upkick and landed his heel on Mercado’s jaw, completely shutting down the lights for the previously-unbeaten American.

To make sure he got the job done, Ramirez also landed a hammer fist on his opponent’s face before the referee stepped in. The last strike probably woke Mercado up as he suddenly somewhat recovered.

Ramirez then celebrated his first victory in his fighting career by jumping up to the cage wall and shouting in excitement. With this victory, Ramirez improved his record to 1-2, while Mercado has to swallow his first defeat by a KO.

Ramirez’s highlight-reel KO of Mercado served as an opener of a six-bout fight card of Combate Global 41. In the main event, the 13-4 Enrique Gonzalez scored an upset after knocking out the previously-unbeaten Angel Alvarez in the second round.