(Video) Promotion goes viral for holding an MMA event on ice

In an unexpected and viral twist, an infamous stunt promotion decided to take the world of mixed martial arts to a whole new level by hosting an MMA event on ice. Yes, you read that right – grappling, slipping, and sliding on a makeshift ice surface.

Fight Circus 8 pitted Tang Mo against Kyoken Tampiyanan.

Round 1: The spectacle kicked off with fighters stepping onto a mat that was transformed into an ice-like surface, thanks to a layer of vinyl and a liberal application of lubricant. The result? An arena as slippery as it gets. Almost immediately, the hilarity ensued as Tang Mo found himself face down on the “ice” within the first 10 seconds. Kyoken, his opponent, seemed to be having a tough time keeping his footing but couldn’t help bursting into laughter at Mo’s misadventures. Mo, in what might be a case of irony, struggled to stay on his feet and fell multiple times. The scene was undoubtedly comical, with Mo quite literally covered in a slippery mixture of KY-Jelly and baby shampoo.

Round 2: Round two continued the slapstick comedy. Mo attempted a shove, but instead, he found himself face-first on the “ice” once again. Kyoken, on the other hand, managed to throw a few light punches but had to watch as Mo continued his slippery journey to the ground. Mo eventually called for a time-out, seemingly overwhelmed by the challenges of this unconventional fight. The round concluded, and Mo rolled to his corner, likely pondering his strategy for the next round.

Round 3: Round three promised a TKO via gravity, and it didn’t disappoint. To adapt to the treacherous surface, the fighters started kneeling, allowing them to land some punches despite the slippery conditions. Kyoken began landing punches with more accuracy, while Mo’s ordeal continued. Eventually, Mo resorted to sitting down, possibly recognizing that it was the best course of action in this unusual setting. At least in this round, amidst all the slips and slides, they managed to get in some punches.

Final Result: In a contest that was more about maintaining balance than conventional fighting, Kyoken emerged as the victor. Mo, on the other hand, was left both greased and thoroughly exhausted.

This unique MMA event on ice, though unconventional and humorous, managed to capture the attention of viewers and enthusiasts alike, showcasing the willingness of promotions to experiment and entertain in the world of mixed martial arts. It’s safe to say that this slippery showdown will be remembered as one of the more unconventional moments in the sport’s history.