(Video) Promotion arranges assisted wheelchair boxing in Thailand

A ‘promotion’ called Fight Club Thailand has been staging events this year including those at a car park in the Klong Toey district of Bangkok. The events take place in an actual underpass with unsanctioned bouts in a variety of disciplines.

Perhaps after seeing the success Poland and Russia have had in eccentric exhibitions, they too have decided to step it up a notch and arranged for a very disturbing event.

Fringe promotions around the world stage eccentric events featuring competitors with a certain handicap. We’ve seen one arm MMA, wheelchair boxing and now there’s the assisted wheelchair boxing.

This particular modality is something calling assisted due to the fact athletes are being pushed around by a helper. This is a bit eccentric but not unheard of considering the last iteration of this promotion involved prop blades.

Earlier this year there was a promotion putting on similar contests in Brazil. This time without any assistance.

Association of Future Boxing Champions staged an event between wheelchair bound opponents. The event was held at the Parauapebas Sports Gymnasium in Para, Brazil.

In the video, disabled MMA practitioners tried to square off against one another in MMA gloves.

Once one of the participants was dislodged from the chair, the ref had to step in and help him reset position.

It’s interesting to see – and might be a very positive influence in their lives but we still can’t help but feel like they maybe shouldn’t be compromising their health for a sporting activity they can’t monetize at all – and they’re just going to be left with the damage. Regardless, we applaud the spirit of the two warriors and wish them the best.