(Video) Promoter gets accidentally slapped during contentious face offs

During a recent face-off session, an amusing little accident happened. Two men got into a small scrap, and in the process, they accidentally hit the promoter.

Combat sports matches often have stare down or face-off sessions as a marketing tactic.

These events allow fans to witness how two professional athletes who have been preparing for weeks finally meet in person. For athletes, the face-off is a mental battle in the form of psychological warfare.

They try to intimidate their opponent and inflict fear during the stare down. They may even provoke their opponent to start an altercation that could attract more attention.

However, some altercations during face-off sessions may result in injury, and bouts may have to be canceled. Nonetheless, some altercations may end up hilariously, just like the recent incident at the Combat Night Pro: Jacksonville, a Florida-based MMA promotion.

The Combat Night Pro: Jacksonville event was scheduled to take place on May 6, 2023, in Jacksonville, Florida. During the stare-down session, two athletes who were set to compete at the event faced each other in front of the promoter.

One athlete put his hand on his opponent’s cheek, and the other athlete responded by pushing the hand away. This action caused the hand to accidentally hit the promoter, who was in the middle of the two athletes.

The promoter became upset and pushed the athlete, and a brief shoving match ensued between them. The security guards quickly intervened, separating them, and calming the situation. The face-off session then continued as planned.

The clip of the incident quickly went viral on social media, with fans expressing their opinions on who was at fault. Some fans believed that the athlete who put his hand on the opponent’s cheek was at fault, while others blamed the promoter for allowing the athlete to reach out and touch the other athlete’s face.