(Video) Pro Wrestler stops theft

Now that Kevin Holland has made a name for himself as the best vigilante in MMA, it seems he has a rival in the realm of professional wrestling.

National Wrestling Alliance star Natalia Markova discovered her handbag was taken when she arrived in Tampa after the recording of numerous NWA programs. Markova thought it may have been stolen after making sure with the airline workers that she hadn’t unintentionally left it on the aircraft.

Markova was with fellow NWA superstar Bryan Idol. The two arrived at a Walmart in Pinellas Park, Florida. Idol had suggested that Markova use her iPhone to find the AirPods she had accidentally left in her handbag.

They arrived at Walmart just as Markova got a message that someone was trying to use her credit card to make a $700 purchase. Their timing couldn’t have been better.

The wrestlers saw a guy purchasing a TV as they made their way directly to the checkout station. They recognized him as a fellow traveler from their journey. When questioned, the robber ran away and left Markova’s credit card on the desk. However, Idol was able to track him down and take him down.

The guy had tuned in Markova’s bag at the airport after taking out her credit cards, her AirPods, and $600 in cash.

The man’s identity has not been made public beyond the footage of the altercation. Markova decided not to file charges as long as all of the stolen things were returned. The police report stated that the man “apologized for stealing the money and the cards and knew it was wrong.”

Only a few weeks have passed since Kevin Holland tracked down a thief ahead of his bout at UFC Austin. It seems that Holland has to resume his crime-fighting activities to keep his name in the news.