(Video) PopMMA competitor stages proposal inside of the ‘arena’

Rage Arena is an interesting promotion hailing out of Russia. The promotion stages bouts in a unique setting akin to Poland’s Wotore. The bouts take place in a secluded platform that’s about waist high which allows for interesting footage.

As per the promotion’s official website they aim to include 4-oz gloved punches and K1 kickboxing kicks. Spectators are able to see with their own eyes a tough confrontation between athletes from different types of martial arts (taekwondo, kickboxing, Thai boxing, karate, kyokushinkai, boxing, savate, mma), in the format of a street altercation.

Last night they had their 6th event and something interesting took place. One of their athletes decided to propose to his girlfriend in the ‘arena’.

Luckily the lady in question said yes despite the awkward public setting.

Along with this incident there was a number of exciting finishes that were documented on twitter.

This gentleman wasn’t the first to propose in the cage. Chimaev’s teammate Alex Gustafsson famously proposed to his girlfriend in the cage in front of a booing audience.

“Yeah it was. It’s about time. We can continue now. We just had a baby, so it just came naturally. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have popped the question if I had lost this fight, but I won it, and it felt like it was the right moment for me to do it.”

Gustafsson had KOed Glover Teixeira at the time.