(Video) Police officer uses Jiu Jitsu to subdue vandal

Police work often requires officers on duty to engage in physical altercations.

For that reason, knowledge of self-defense and martial arts is crucial for a police officer to perform his duty without the need for lethal force.

Some jiu jitsu experts even went so far as to say: “A police officer without jiu-jitsu is like a skydiver without a parachute”

This is why is not uncommon to see police departments partnering with Jiu-Jitsu gyms in order to train their staff in the Brazilian martial art. One police department recently put aside $22,000 for this specific cause.

Recently footage of an altercation between a police officer and a vandal went viral.

In the video, a vandal is seen crashing through a store, while a police officer chases him down.

The criminal is armed with a shovel. An untrained officer could justify the use of deadly force in order to protect the officer’s safety.

Thankfully for everyone involved, the police officer appears to be well trained in martial arts.

The officer waits for the wrongdoer to drop the shovel, then he grabs him by his coat and pins him to the ground.

After failing to handcuff him due to the criminal resisting the arrest, the policeman mounts him and controls him on the ground.

After continuing the resists the law enforcer’s commands, the officer puts the vandal in an armbar hold.

He then is able to fully control the criminal until backup arrives to help subdue the situation.

Needless to say, that escalation of aggressiveness could easily have justified the use of lethal force.

One of the strongest advocates for BJJ training in law enforcement is Rener Gracie.

Rener is not only a high-level black belt in the martial art. He is also a member of the Gracie family, the family that originated the sport in Rio de Janeiro in the early 1920s.

In a message to police chiefs of America, Rener expanded his thoughts of how important the use of martial arts in law enforcement training is:



“All it takes is one use-of-force incident perceived as excessive force by the public to go viral in your city and you have riots… you have fires… sometimes the entire country feels the impact of a use-of-force disaster that happened on your watch.”

“We have to place value on the training… more effective than any other training or skill set, the regular training of jiu-jitsu.”

After several occasions of police officers appearing in viral videos using unnecessary force, that resulted in several protests across the United States, one jiu jitsu expert had this to add:

“It’s risk-mitigation. What if we can prevent the riot? What if we can prevent the viral video through better training?”