(Video) Police officer throws hands with a suspect and ends up getting jumped by on looker

There’s been a lot of talk about how police training can be inadequate and doesn’t even teach the fundamentals required for mixed martial arts.

In fact, law enforcement clichés typically depict officers as out of shape individuals that rely on fire power to subdue suspects.

But this isn’t always the case.

Recently a clip went viral showing a law enforcement officer how dared engaging a suspect on equal footing. The video shows a police officer willing to throw hands with a suspect.

The officer quickly takes down his vest, hoping to be able to respond to the thrown gauntlet.

He relies on high guard at first, tries for some head movement and then charges at the suspect. The suspect is taller and seems more athletic.

He’s not down for the count either, he’s throwing his shots and even landing a few here and there.

An on looker can be seen recording the incident from close range the entire time.

While the conflict is even keeled in the striking department the two soon clinch up. At this point the incident evolves into a grappling exchange.

The suspect is successful in taking down the officer however here’s where things really go sour for the officer.

While he’s on the ground, the on looker who was recording decides to get involved and both him and the suspect start kicking at the downed officer.

This is like a jiu-jitsu horror story in some ways. BJJ detractors often say that BJJ is much too problematic to be using in an unregulated setting due to the fact you’ll be grounded using it and at that point you’re vulnerable to multiple attackers.