(Video) Police officer & blackbelt uses BJJ to subdue criminal in Brazil

An off-duty cop was approached by a robber in the streets of Brazil. Unfortunately for the robber, he approached a police officer who was a BJJ blackbelt as well. Self-defense is often overlooked in today’s society. Self-defense not only allows an individual to tangibly defend themselves against physical attacks, but it also teaches many important values and principles that spark various benefits to them in everyday life. Further it enables officers to subdue unruly perps – they may be able to hold down the bully and talk to them calmly and be able to take care of the situation without actually hurting someone,

Importance of jiu jitsu for law enforcement officers cannot be overstated.

In the video recorded from a security camera, the off-duty officer is already in possession of the criminal’s weapon, but decides to not use it, and throws it away.

While engaging in a physical altercation with the robber, the cop locks in a triangle choke to put the criminal to sleep.

Being the home country of Jiu-Jitsu, Brazil has its share of videos of robbers being detained by citizens who are practitioners of martial art.

In this next video, a delivery man is seen detaining a robber with an attempt at a rear-naked choke.

In another video, female fighter and BJJ blue belt Patricia Mello, from Caxias do Sul in Brazil, puts a robber on a rear-naked choke and secures him in position until the police arrive.

In an interview with Brazilian youtube channel “Muito Mais Ação Jiu Jitsu”, Patricia stated the following.

“I do not advise BJJ practitioners to use the art against robbers, it’s not worth it.” The Brazilian added “In my case, I ran into the robber while he was fleeing and in the heat of the moment I decided to stop him.”

“But it was a risk I took.”

The advice she gave is certainly worth noting. For every “hero” story of someone reacting to a robbery, we have countless occasions of people dying over something meaningless.

Earlier this year, BJJ blackbelt Robson da Silva Santos was murdered with gunshots in Rio de Janeiro after reacting to a robbery. Even the most elite fighters in the world are not safe from physical altercations on the street.

UFC veteran Maiquel Falcão was murdered after an alleged street fight. Falcão was repeatedly stabbed in the stomach.

You can read the full story about Falcão’s death here.