(Video) Poclit chokes out opponent rendering him unconscious with a never before seen submission

The sport of mixed martial arts never ceases to amaze. The toll it takes on a body is quite steep but in return you get to showcase the boundaries of your own imagination – and this is exactly what Luca Poclit did last night on the Belaltor 285 prelims.

Poclit had been scheduled to compete against Dante Shiro.

Poclit hails out of Moldovia and has an MMA record consisting of 8 wins and 1 loss. Shiro is 9-4 in his pro MMA career but none of his bouts could’ve prepped him for what Poclit had in store.

The one loss Poclit has – was actually his debut in 2012 and he’s won 8 straight since.

Poclit is a guillotine fan and had attempted one on Schiro earlier in their bout. This time Shiro would escape the submission.

But a while later, Poclit secured a modified grip. Schiro wanted to pop his head out of it – but due to modified grip there was just no room for it. To add on the pressure, Poclit would go on to lift his torso and then twist to the side increasing presure. Schiro was clearly passed out and the referee reacted and slapped Poclit from his opponent.

Poclit was on hand to answer questions afterwards.

“Yeah, I know. I practice every day in the gym. This, uh, this submission. I practice my coach. I know this submission.”