(Video) Phonebooth MMA returns in new clip showcasing lunacy of the setting

Phonebooth and mixed martial arts don’t exactly mix well. It all started several months ago when an Eastern European promotion got the idea to confine two amateur mixed martial artists in a phone booth and see what happens.

Phonebooths are a relic of the past and it’s hard to imagine a function for one nowadays – and especially what a conflict in one would even look like.

There’s also some variability but the phonebooth should be around 91 cm/ 3 feet wide.

As you might imagine this kind of proximity has a hilarious effect on an intricate sport that combines so many disciplines. Which is probably why the results keep going viral.

Latest edition of Punchbox featured Fedor Lipunov against Ivan Chigunov. The twosome started off facing away from each other.

The key to success in this unique modality seems to be in turning fast and then going from 0 to 100 in the shortest possible span.

Unlike in traditional MMA, phone booth MMA features box like rules where after a competitor is downed a count down follows.

This is perhaps optimal because the amount of damage you can take when you start losing consciousness can be tremendous and all but guarantees a concussion.

The outcome of the match came after less than 30 seconds of the contest considering the competitor was unable to continue due to damage taken.

He appeared shaken to the core and barely walked out.

Same promotion even tried to match little people in the same type of contest, although in their case it was not as clear cut.

Punch club is nothing if not spectacular in promoting their one of a kind events.

The promotion that previously brought us intergender grappling bout in a convertible car and an MMA bouts in a convertible and a phone booth decided to one up itself one more time and contracted the services of two men with dwarfism for the occasion.