(Video) Phonebooth MMA ends with a vicious KO finish

There are many weird stipulations for MMA matches in the world. One of those weird stipulations included the match being set in a  phone booth.

This format is most commonly adopted in Russia and Poland who excel in PopMMA.

Prime MMA 3 event recently featured a phonebooth set MMA bout. The same card also included a number of regular cage bouts in addition to a dwarf bout.

Kuba Lasik faced Lukasz Wawrzyniak in a phone booth at the event. When they came face to face at the weigh inns, Lasik hit Wawrzyniak. After the heated argument, the clash gained more attention from the people. The fans expected an intense showdown between the two.

It was totally a one-sided affair. Lukasz Wawrzyniak smacked the opponent’s spine with a series of elbow strikes and forced him to sit down in a corner to avoid further damage.

The referee intervened and gave a chance to Lasik to stand and start the bout again. But, the result was the same. Lasik was given three chances to stand up and compete, but he could not capitalize. Lukasz gave no time to Lasik to even hit him with a single strike.

There was no space among them so that fans could witness the action. Lukasz Wawrzyniak won the bout in 38 seconds after counting out Lasik three times.
The phone booth events have only one finish, which comes with the opponent’s knockout.

Wawrzyniak won by knocking out his opponent. Lukasz Wawrzyniak is a Polish music artist and internet personality who participated in Prime Show MMA events twice. He has 2 wins and zero losses in his career. In this one, his high-speed striking ability earned him a victory.

On the other hand, Kuba Lasik is a TV artist and an occasional Pop MMA athlete. He competed in Prime Show MMA three times but could not secure a victory. He could not even deliver one good strike to his opponent in his event. It will be interesting to see what he decides for his future after losing all three.