(Video) Petr Yan accuses Aljamain Sterling of cheating during UFC 259

UFC bantamweight interim champion Petr Yan shared a clip from his bout with the current champion Aljamain Sterling recently. This would be nothing unusual if it weren’t for the fact that Sterling became a champion by way of disqualification and this apparently, after Sterling opted to cheat.

In lead up to UFC 273 this weekend, Petr Yan recalled one moment from the duel with Sterling. The infamous bout ended with Yan, who was dominating, delivering an illegal knee to the head.

Sterling was unable to continue the fight and the referee had no other option but to disqualify Yan. Aljamain Sterling became the first athlete to win a title via disqualification in UFC’s history.

Recently, Petr Yan took to his Twitter account to share a video where Sterling can be seen delivering blows to the back of Yan’s head. This is another of severe fouls in MMA. In the video, Sterling hit Yan on the back of the head pretty hard. Yan called Sterling a hypocrite alluding to his DQ victory.

“Hypocritical b*tch.” Yan wrote in the caption.

One fan also weighed in and shared more footage of Sterling kicking Yan in the groin area. The 29-year-old Russian then replied “Hypocritical b*tch x2” on the video.

Many UFC fans hate Aljamain Sterling for his DQ title victory. They believe Sterling was able to continue and that the knee received wasn’t that fatal. Additionally, ‘Funk Master’ kept making excuses for his performance.

“I lost because I hadn’t had a big breakfast and plus the floor of the octagon was slippery.” Sterling said during UFC 260 weigh ins.

As for Petr Yan, he believes that Aljamain Sterling will be completely forgotten after he reclaimed his stolen title.

“Just imagine, he’s tired of thinking about me, and I didn’t even think about him at all. He had this long layoff, I had a different opponent. I fought, and now he’s my next target that I’m gonna beat up. After the fight Saturday night, everybody is gonna forget about him. That clown will be forgotten.I think he [won’t] be able to do it; I think he wouldn’t be able to take me down. The stuff he said, it’s just gonna stay in his head, it’s gonna stay his dream. He’s a clown.” Petr Yan said during a talk with The MMA Hour.