(Video) Peru holds traditional group brawl on Christmas Day

Peru has a unique and brutal celebration during Christmas. Instead of gifts, they present each other with punches on the Christmas day.

In most countries, people enjoy Christmas days in various ways. Most will choose to have dinner with family, watch movies, set up a Christmas tree, have gatherings, decorate house interiors, etc. But, if you are combat sports fans, or if you want to experience something new for Christmas, you might want to visit Peru.

Some Peruvians practice the art of brawling on Christmas day in a tradition called ‘Takanakuy’. It isn’t really a Christmas celebration, but they celebrate the festival annually on December 25. This festival takes place in the Chumbivilcas province in the southern part of Peru.

Locals would gather in the Andes Mountains to hold the festival. They usually bring along foods and drinks. But most importantly, music instruments as the festival consists of a lot of dancing aside from brawling.

The main idea of this festival is to settle problems between the locals in a day. They hope to strengthen their bonds and that the people will have no grudges and conflicts anymore after the festival ends. The conflicts range from personal problems such as love or friendship to legal issues. Therefore, women and even children are also participating in the hand-to-hand brawling.

Locals would gather in a wide area and announce who they want to brawl. The arena of the fight would be just that dirt and grass field. Those who participate in brawling also don’t use any combat equipment.

Due to the lack of rules, people would just try to throw hands and hope for the best. Not to mention that these people are not professional. There are clearly no weight divisions so bigger people definitely got that default advantage. Due to that, this practice has been criticized as brutal and barbaric.