(Video) Paulo Costa demands public apology from the nurse

Paulo Costa, a UFC middleweight contender, allegedly had an altercation with a nurse while trying to get a COVID-19 vaccination card without being vaccinated. Costa refuted the nurses’ claims, and it’s uncertain if the police will pursue the case.

Costa attempted to reject the allegations against him as false in a social media post. He also asked that his purported victim provide a public apology.

On his official Instagram account, he earlier posted a written statement outlining the specifics of the case.

Costa provided photographs of his victim’s injuries in the video, which were obtained by police authorities just a few hours after the crime. However, there was no evidence of damage, stress, or injuries in the photos. Costa pleaded his innocence, pointing out that there was no tangible proof against him.

Costa further said that if his accuser failed to give a formal public apology to clear the air, he would be obliged to initiate legal action against her. The Brazilian remarked in a video uploaded to his Instagram account:

“I’m here just to say for everyone, that never happened and I will show you guys why. I have a proof of that… Any form of violence against women is unacceptable.”

“As a result of misleading imputations simply serve to discredit and hide the actual battle against women’s violence. We know this kind of false allegation is very serious. So I really hope this woman decides to make her public apologies or else legal actions may be necessary, unfortunately.”

Costa is currently on a two-fight losing streak in the UFC. He has a record of 13-2.

However, former champion Luke Rockhold is presently rivals with Paulo Costa. The collision course fight was originally set to take place at UFC 277 in Dallas at the end of July. However, it has now been rescheduled for August.