(Video) ‘Panicked’ boxing champ fends off randy monkey

A former boxer was attacked by a furious monkey as it yanked her hair and assaulted her in apparent protest at being photographed.

Carrianne Moylan described the episode, which happened when she and her companions were touring the Rock of Gibraltar in UK. She said, “I was shaking like a leaf,”

The Barbary Macaque is an endangered monkey and the only macaque species known outside of Asia. It was resting on a cliff’s railing when the 45-year-old Moylan came upon it. The camera-shy monkey decided to attack Moylan when she came forward to snap a picture with it.

Moylan claimed, “We didn’t see them jump on anyone so I was getting a little bit closer. I was a bit scared because it looked like it was going to lunge so I moved away.”

Her buddy Jenny said, “I had a feeling something was going to happen because of how hesitant Carrianne was, so I switched it to video instead of a picture.”

In the video, the boxer’s buddies can be heard encouraging her to “go closer”. Moylan refuses and begins to walk away stating that the monkey is “not happy”. One of her pals then jokes, “I thought you were a boxer.”

The angry macaque goes along the railing and leaps on Moylan’s back as soon as the former boxer turns and walks away. After that, it begins pulling on her blonde hair, which causes her friends to start laughing.

Moylan screams, “Get if off me now” as the monkey hops off her back and runs away. The British woman then attempts to fix her hair as her pals continue to make fun of her hairdo.

Moylan described the occurrence by saying, “I just felt something on my back and panicked. It screamed down my ear and pulled my ponytail out.”

Moylan used to be a semi-professional boxer but was forced to retire two weeks before a British title match due to an eye injury.

She recounted the experience by saying, “I’ve been a boxer and a northern champion so I’m not easily scared by stuff, but my legs were shaking like it was my first fight. People say they’d have thrown it off their head, but I just reacted quickly. My hands were still in my pockets.”

“Everyone was hysterical, but I wasn’t. I saw the funny side in the end and had to fix my hair.”