(Video) Paige VanZant Makes Her Professional Wrestling Debut

Paige Vanzant has been struggling with her bare knuckle boxing transition – but as an attractive martial artist she has plenty of options. For one, she has her subscription based fansite and boasts of great success on there.

Even while she was in the UFC, she was one of the most marketable stars. This is why it’s no surprise that VanZant has transitioned to pro wrestling.

Vanzant has long trained at American Top Team – owned by Dan Lambert. Lambert also has ties to a prowrestling organization All Elite Wrestling. so it’s no surprise that’s where Vanzant landed.

Vanzant first talked about prowrestling move back in March.

“I think people have this idea that you have to stick with one thing, but being a mixed martial artist, and being in this sport, you can evolve and can focus on one aspect at any given time. Definitely not retired from MMA, but at this current moment, I am signed to [professional boxing and professional wrestling].”

“I’ve been asked about professional wrestling for a really long time. I kind of always knew it would be a part of my journey and part of my life, I just didn’t know when the opportunity would take off.”

The promotion announced Vanzant’s debut last Friday. Previously Vanzant teased the transition by showcasing her pro wrestling moves on social media.

Vanzant made her debut ‘competing’ in mixed trio tag match and had mixed reception.




Prior to her debut Vanzant suggested that prowrestling isn’t something she wants to pursue until she is done fighting.

Vanzant was pleased about the victory after telling the Schmo:

“I am feeling great. I went out there, we got the win, I feel like I put on a impressive performance. I showed everybody, meant to be a pro wrestler too.”