(Video) Paddy Pimblett’s training ripped to shreds by fans

UFC lightweight contender Paddy Pimblett got mocked mercilessly after posting a pad hitting training session.

Pimblett lost some of the good will he generated with a lackluster performance at UFC 282 and the people online are having a field day seeing this new footage.

Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett was a hot prospect ever since he joined the UFC in September of last year.

Pimblett is also pretty entertaining outside the octagon with his energetic personality. However, his latest match was a complete mess and a victory he didn’t deserve according to many.

At UFC 282 last December, the 28-year-old faced lightweight low contender Jared Gordon. Pimblett got dominated with Gordon landing more significant strikes to the UFC star. He even scored several successful takedowns. To everyone’s surprise, Pimblett was announced as the winner via unanimous decision. It has since been regarded as the worst robbery by MMA fans.

Many fans lost respect towards the Liverpudllian, especially with his behavior after the match. Despite that, Pimblett is still one of UFC biggest stars right now with a bunch of fans still behind him but they might not take Pimblett too seriously now.

Recently, Pimblett’s training footage went viral on social media, with fans making fun of his weight. In the video, Pimblett can be seen doing pad works with his partner to hone his punches and kicks. Fans were quick to jump to the comment sections to joke about his techniques.

“Fair, but it looks like everyone is drilling similarly. Probably called for by the coaches.” One fan wrote.

Another said, “I do think he looks cleaner in his striking here than he did against Jared Gordon, but that’s not to say this is necessarily clean pad work. Also, he looks directly at the camera like he wants this to be impressive.”

And another added, “This was his first time hitting the pads since UFC 282”

Pimblett’s own caption confirms he hasn’t been training and that this indeed is the first time he’s been hitting the pads.

He’s awaiting ankle surgery in March and has ballooned upto 200lbs. Joe Rogan previously criticized Pimblett saying: