(Video) Overconfident customer gets treated like pinball machine

There’s been an uptick in incidents that take place in restaurants as of late. With the employement landscape changing a growing number of restaurants is in perpetual pursuit for good workers.

Not to mention that there’s a real stress in working with food. This is perhaps why another video went viral overnight.

The video was sourced in UK and showcases an unhappy customer confronting members of the staff at a Middle Eastern food establishment.

The customer is very unhappy with the staff and seems even more agitated by their indifference at his dissatisfaction.

Once the man approaches the customer, the atmosphere gets even more heated despite the relative lack of words exchanged.

Both men are finger pointing and trying to de-escalate initially but it quickly goes awry when customer feels his concerns are getting dismissed.

He retaliates by landing a couple of quick hits to the chin of one of the members of staff.

The aggressive outburst quickly backfires when the staff member retaliates with his own face punch.

Staff member expresses that the customer should leave loudly yelling ‘Get out’.

Customer seems reluctant to turn their back, and seems content to stay in the confrontation. He’s even squaring up, opting for a variation of high guard.

In MMA today, one notable user of high guard is former bantamweight champion Petr Yan.

Once the staff member is reluctant to engage, the customer goes so far as to provoke him and infer there were b****h slaps.

Customer sees the reluctance and tries to crowd the staffer, who is trying to extend his arms in an attempt to create distance between the two.

He then tries to throw a punch and gets countered. At which point the two staffers that were on stand by, go and back up their friend.

They end up landing a number of strikes to the back of the disgruntled customer eventually bouncing him in between themselves.